Feb 09, 2012

Sindh: Targeted Killings to be Discussed by National Assembly

The ongoing targeted killings, robberies, kidnapping and other crimes crippling SIndh and Balochistan are to be discussed in an initiative to share information in which all intelligence agencies will appear before the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence.

Below is an article published by Business Recorder:

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence directed all intelligence agencies to appear before it on February 29 [2012] to share their information on targeted killings in Sindh and Balochistan.

Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho chaired the meeting held here on Friday [3 February 2012] and directed the Ministry of Defence to make arrangements for a comprehensive representation of ISI, MI, BI and Special Branch Sindh on internal security of Sindh and Balochistan. She said, "We should ask everyone linked with the internal security of Balochistan, as it is very important federating unit and we can't ignore it".

She further issued directives to IG Police Sindh Arshad Ali Rind to brief it on the overall security of Sindh, especially about what was the reality behind the brutal murder of MPA Bakhtiar Khan Domki's wife and daughter in Karachi.

Shagufta Sadiq criticised the metropolitan police of Karachi for its failure to control target killing, robberies, snatching and other crimes. She said that citizens were reluctant to register their FIRs. This reflected that they have no trust in police force, which needs to change its image, she urged. 

The Inspector General of Police Sindh said that low rate of convictions and absence of witnesses was the biggest problem in restoring law and order situation in metropolitan city,

The sole agenda of committee on Friday [3 February 2012] was, 'To look into the incident of illegal confinement, threats, raid and ransacking the property of Arshad Ali Rind, Deputy Shift Station Manager, PIA by Karachi Police'.

Mushtaq Shah, IGP, Sindh, apologised with the PIA staffer and also members of committee and assured that this would not be repeated in future.

Arshad was picked up, kept in a police station overnight, and was threatened because he refused to break the rules and delay a flight for the province's top police official - the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Boat Basin's DSP Nayyarul Haq and SHO Naseer Tanoli raided Rind's residence. Some 25 men in plainclothes in three police mobiles and two private vehicles first broke the door of his apartment. The policemen misbehaved with his four children and wife. They kept him in the lock-up and threatened to implicate him.

In her ruling, Dr Azra directed the home department of Sindh that the inquiry report to look into incident should be presented before the committee within 15 days. The committee would take appropriate action in the light of inquiry report, she said.

However, she recommended to the Home Department of Sindh to revert DSP and SHO to junior positions to make it exemplary punishment for other policemen who were in the habit of misbehaving with the citizens. She also suggested to the IGP to strengthen the community policing concept.

Former Religious Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi also pleaded his own case in the meeting. He said that police had no evidence against him but he was still subject to investigation, but police spared those who were arrested with arms and weapons.