Feb 07, 2012

Southern Azerbaijan: SANAM General Assembly

New constitution and administrative body were voted upon.

Below is an press release published by SANAM:


Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement’s (SANAM) successful General Assembly was held in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, on February 4, 2012. The General Assembly was held at the central office of the KAMU-SEN (the Turkish Public Syndicate-NGO), with the presence of SANAM members living outside of Southern Azerbaijan. The first part of the General Assembly was held within the delegates of SANAM, and it began at 10:00 AM. The delegates voted and accepted the new SANAM Constitution. Founder of SANAM, Dr. Chehrgani, was voted unanimously by delegates to be once again the head of SANAM for four years. Also, the seven member SANAM Administrative Body was voted and formed by Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) delegates.

The second part of the SANAM General Assembly began at 2:00 PM, with the presence of more than one hundred known human rights activists and guests from NGOs. 

The SANAM General Assembly was followed closely by media in the region.


The Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) was founded in 1995 by Professor Mahmoudali Chehrgani. The main goal of the movement is to precipitate national consciousness in the Southern Azerbaijani Turks. SANAM promotes the struggle for Azerbajani Turks’ political rights in Iran. In accordance with SANAM`s constitution and in line with its humanitarian values, it insists on non-violent methods for reaching its goals.