Feb 01, 2012

Nagalim: 32nd Raising Day Commemorated

The foundation of NSCN (IM) was celebrated by its members.


Below is an article published by the Indian Times:


The NSCN (IM) on Tuesday [31 January 2012] celebrated its 32nd " raising day" at its designated camp at Hebron with chairman Isak Chishi Swuunfurling the Naga national flag.


On the occasion, Swu reminded the members that it was on this day that National Socialist Council of Nagalim was formed at Nokpa (Eastern Nagalim) after the failure of NNC to rise up to the occasion to save the "nation" by signing the "infamous" Shillong Accord.


He said there was a terrible crisis after the Shillong Accord but God came to their rescue and showed them the way to form NSCN to spearhead the Naga struggle. He added that during the subsequent period, NSCN was able to win support on the home front as well as at the international level.


The UNPO gave recognition and membership to NSCN in 1993 and other international contacts were also established, he added. He appealed to outfit members "not to forget God as this is the only way to save the nation."


General secretary Th Muivah also spoke on the function.