Jan 19, 2012

Somaliland: On the Agenda of the Flemish Parliament

Flemish MP Marc Hendrickx is in the process of organising a conference called ‘Somaliland – New Frontiers for Africa’ in order to provide a forum for both Somaliland and Flemish politicians to exchange their views.

Below is a press release by Marc Hendrickx:

As Flemish MEP, Marc Hendrickx has maintained good contacts for several years with African independence movements. He strongly believes that Africa needs to get rid of the old colonial boundaries. Somaliland is a good example of a new African state that is supported by the locals. That's why Marc is organizing the conference "Somaliland - New frontiers for Africa". This will provide both Somaliland and Flemish politicians the opportunity to give their views on issues such as Somali pirates, lasting peace in the Horn of Africa and African states supported establishment of a future model.  


Als Vlaams Parlementslid onderhoudt Marc Hendrickx al jaren goede contacten met verscheidene Afrikaanse onafhankelijkheidsbewegingen. Hij is er immers sterk van overtuigd dat Afrika komaf moet maken met de oude, koloniale grenzen. Somaliland is een goed voorbeeld van een nieuwe Afrikaanse staat die wordt gedragen door de lokale bevolking. Daarom organiseert Marc de conferentie "Somaliland - Nieuwe grenzen voor Afrika". Hierbij zullen zowel Somalilandse als Vlaamse politici hun visie geven over vraagstukken als de Somalische piraterij, duurzame vrede in de Hoorn van Afrika en het oprichten van gedragen Afrikaanse staten als toekomstmodel.


Marc Hendrickx has a long and distinguished career as a lawyer and teacher, subsequently being elected to the Flemish Parliament in 2009. He has also demonstrated great interest in Africa, being part of the Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa (AWEPA) and the Parliamentary Association with Flanders/Africa, as well liaising with nations such as Western Sahara, Tibet and Somaliland.

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