Jan 13, 2012

Oromo: Great Support For OLF

Dr. Getachew Begashaw, former top EPRP leader, reveals that the great majority of Oromo supports OLF’s struggle for self-determination. 

Below is an article published by Gadaa

As the euphoria, over a wishfully anticipated division inside the Oromo nationalist political camp, is reaching fever-pitch on Ginbot7 (G7)-controlled media outlets, many Oromo nationalists are stressing that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) struggles for the right to self-determination of the Oromo nation and freedom of Oromiyaa (the homeland of the Oromo people), and the G7 induced euphoria is actually presenting the Oromo an opportunity to unite and finish the final chapter of the Oromo struggle.

According to some political commentators, the century-old Abyssinian rulers’ divide-and-rule tactic is being deployed by G7 to create rifts among Oromo political leaders as the ongoing euphoria and media campaign show. These commentators also add that the OLF has a wide popular support among all sectors of the Oromo society – both in the homeland as well as in exile – that no dirty tricks will stop Oromo’s struggle from achieving victory.

It’s to be noted that some observers have already testified that there’s a wide popular support for the OLF-led Oromo people’s struggle for the right to self-determination and freedom of Oromiyaa.

As recently as 2009, the International Crisis Group (ICG) in its report noted:

“Many ordinary Oromos retain an almost messianic belief in the OLF as the major nationalist organisation.” (ICG, September 2009)

And, at a July 2011 meeting in Virginia, USA, Dr. Getachew Begashaw, a former top EPRP leader, testified that “it is almost impossible to find an Oromo who does not support the OLF.” The acceptance of the wide popular support, which the OLF-led Oromo’s struggle for the right to self-determination enjoys among the Oromo, is a long overdue exercise.

Meanwhile, as the G7 media-orchestrated euphoria continues, the Oromo nationalist youth has taken the forefront in standing for Oromummaa and Oromiyaa. The Oromo nationalist youth-led 3-day online campaign for Oromummaa and Oromiyaa to raise awareness about human rights violations and land grabbing has just been successfully wrapped up, and a momentum of resistance is building up and is anticipated to reach the towns and villages of Oromiyaa soon.