Jan 09, 2012

Sindh: International Sindhi Diaspora Condemns Murder Of Professor On Campus

Professor Bashir Ahmad Channar was assasinated durings unrests at Sindh University

Below is a press release published by the World Sindhi Institute:

On behalf of the President of Sindhi Association of North America SANA ,  Valeed Shaikh, the President of World Sindhi Institute WSI,  Sohail Ansari and on behalf of Sindhi Sangat Middle East,  we the above named representative organizations of International Sindhi Diaspora resoundingly condemn the brutal murder and target killing of Professor Bashir Ahmad Channar on Sindh University campus on Monday 2nd January 2012

We totally endorse the joint demands put forward by Sindh University Teacher's association, SUTA and FAPUASA-Sindh Chapter, at its press conference at Hyderababd Press Club on 2nd january 2012  that:

- The government of Sindh must immediately constitute a judicial commission to probe the assassination, expose and punish the culprits.

- Admitting the collapse of the University management, the Vice-Chancellor University of Sindh must step down immediately.

- The Rangers and Police deployed at the Campus must be removed and private security system as per examples of MUET and other Universities be implemented. 

- Reemployment on executive posts be terminated and no more than one charge/assignment be given to a single officer. 

- Student Wings of Political Parties be banned and Student Unions be restored immediately.

Sindh Assembly and the Chief Minister of Sindh must formulate new educational setup especially for higher education in the light of the 18th amendment as per examples of Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa. Provincial Higher Education Commission be established.

Considering Sindh's Ground Realities: 

We,  the representatives of the above Sindhi Diaspora Organizations, request the Ruling Coalition of PPP+MQM as well as ANP, the Governor of Sindh,  the Chief Justice of the SindhHigh Court, the Chief Minister of Sindh , the Chief of Police , Chief of the Rangers , Corps Commander of Hyderabad Division, to ensure that the above enumerated legitimate demands of the SUTA and FAPUASA-Sindh Chapter are supported and endorsed by all immediately. 

Further, we request all Sindh Nationalist Parties,  Civil Society groups, other Sindh Diaspora groups  and Sindh based Media  organizations to promote , support and endorse the above demands of SUTA and FAPUASA-Sindh Chapter until such time that these are met.

Humaira Rahman

General Secretary,

World Sindhi Institute,