Jan 09, 2012

Somaliland: Former Rebels Join Government Army

The former tribal militants accepted peace accords and were successfully demobilised and rehabilitated, according to leader

Below is an article published by the Somaliland Press:


 Somaliland will add hundreds of former tribal rebels who embraced a government deal last year into its regular armed forces, official said on Friday.

Mohamed Adan Geele (Urri), former rebel leader and commander, told local press that he prepared more than 300 former tribal militants based in Buhoodle for the Somaliland National Army. He said after successful demobilisation and rehabilitation programmes following President Silanyo’s peace deal, they were ready to register for military jobs.

He announced the new army has already established bases across Buhoodle and Sool provinces in particular in Buhoodle city, Sool-Jogto, Meygagle and Horu-Fadhi. He added they also had civilian office in central Buhoodle city.

The group were part of an armed tribal militant that operated in parts of Sool and Buhoodle region. They clashed with Somaliland forces several times in Widwid and near Buhoodle city. When President Silanyo was sworn-in in July 2010, he offered them amnesty and urged them to join hands in the struggle to move forward. The majority of the former SSC militant embraced the peace accords but a small number funded by few individuals in the Diaspora including Northern Somali Unionist Movement (NSUM) continues to destabilise the region.

The recently announced state governors, police commissioners and council leaders for Buhoodle region are said to have reached Buhoodle city to take up their new posts.