Feb 14, 2024

UNPO congratulates EU's latest Commitment to Combat Transnational Repression

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) applaud the European Union's proactive response to the growing threat of transnational repression, as highlighted in its recent communication on February 12th. The EU's acknowledgment of this concerning trend and commitment to address it signifies a crucial step towards safeguarding human rights and protecting individuals from oppressive regimes.

In February 2023, the Foreign Affairs Council emphasized the EU's dedication to "pay special attention to transnational repression." This was further echoed by the European Parliament in March 2023, which manifested the urgency to combat transnational repression worldwide and within the EU. 

Transnational repression involves government targeting, threatening, and harming their nationals beyond their borders, including within EU member states. UNPO has long advocated for measures to address this violation of human rights, and we are pleased to see our efforts yielding results within the EU system.

UNPO congratulates this reaffirmation from the EU as well as its renewed commitment to defend human rights and combat repression.