Dec 28, 2011

Chittagong Hills Tract: 'Full Autonomy the Only Solution'

President Prosit Khisha of the United Peoples Democratic Front has urged Santu Larma to join forces in the united movement that is pushing for the rights of the people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Below is an article published by the Daily Star:

In a press statement issued on the 13th founding anniversary of UPDF, an anti-CHT peace treaty organisation, he urged stopping fratricidal clashes between the two rival organisations of the ethnic people in CHT.

"The peace deal is not enough. Full autonomy is the permanent solution for Chittagong Hill Tracts," he said

Criticising the government's 'controversial' role to the hill people, he demanded annulment of the 15th amendment of the constitution and ensuring constitutional rights of the hill people in CHT region.

He also demanded fair judgment for all the incidents of tyranny and violence and killings of ethnic people in the region and ensuring the basic rights of hill people on land, language and education.

He warned of boycotting all the national programmes if the demands are not met.

UPDF celebrated its 13th founding anniversary in Khagrachhari town and different upazilas of the district yesterday with various programmes including hoisting of party flag, placing wreaths at the slain party men's temporary mausoleum, discussions and children's processions.