Dec 28, 2011

Tibet: Tourism Rises, But At What Cost?

The Tibetan tourist industry is booming, boasting 27.7% year on year increase, reported China's news agency Xinhua, but what reports do not detail are the costs to preserving the unique culture that draws so much international interest and revenue to China.

Below is an article published by Tibet Review:

The regional tourism bureau has said Chinese tourists accounted for 8.18 million tourists this year, a 28.1 percent year on year increase, while overseas tourists numbered about 250,000. The income from tourism was reported to be up 39.4 percent year on year.

The week-long Shoton Festival in summer, the peak travel season, alone drew 906,400 tourists, the report added. This religious festival, which began in the 11th century and expanded into a cultural and entertainment event in the 17th century, marks the end of summer retreat for the monks of Tibet’s major monasteries.