Dec 13, 2011

Somaliland : Strenghtening Ties With The U.K.

Somaliland representatives receive warm welcome as they meet with U.K. members of Parliament.

Below is an article published by New Business Ethiopia:

Ahmed Omar Haji Abdillahi, Governor of Hargesia Region and Chairman of Somaliland Governor Association, is among the officials who talked to the parliamentarians of UK and Wales during his tour of the UK Somaliland Communities, according to the press statement Wales Somaliland Communities dispatched to the media. 

During the two weeks long visit , the Somaliland delegations held  talks with Rt. Hon. Alun  Michael, MP  and Chairman of UK Parliament – All Party Parliamentary Group for Somaliland, Rt. Hon.  Peter Hain, MP and Shadow Wales Secretary of State, Mr. Kevin Brennan,MP  and all  four  Cardiff Assembly Members namely  Mr. Vaughan Gething, AM, Ms. Julie Morgan, AM, Mr. Mark Drake, AM and Ms. Jenny Ruthbone, AM and   all   with large constituent from the Somali Community .  

The Somaliland Delegations  briefed the Parliamentarians  and Somaliland Community  members  on the current situation of Somaliland using documentations such Somaliland Five Year Plan, Somaliland Vision for 2030  and from their first hand knowledge of the situation of Somaliland.  The Delegations attended the Labour Party, Annual Muslim Eid Party, as well Banquet hosted by the Somaliland Community members for their honour of the visitors from Somaliland.

“We are delighted by warmth welcome and reception from all sections of the Somaliland Community of Wales, youth, Community elders, and women’s and their elected Parliamentarian Members in Wales and UK Parliament,’ said Rt. Hon. Ahmed Omar Haji Abdillahi, Chairman of Governor Association  and  Mr. Osman Saed, Somaliland Vice –President Advisor.

“We in Somaliland value the friendship between Wales and Somaliland based on century old historical settlement and we appreciate Wales Somaliland Community for their extra ordinary support to their homeland. The Delegation  strongly  advocated in maintaining and further developing an effective and long lasting mutual partnership between our two countries institutions both Parliaments and Governments and our people and we fully  endorsed the  Somaliland community crucial role in acting play as Ambassadors for the UK and Somaliland in an ever changing world.”

Somaliland declared independence in 1991 after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Barre. Leaders of the Somaliland argue that even though Somaliland appears to fulfil all the requirements of statehood, the lack of international recognition has been preventing it from establishing its position in the world as an independent nation.

In the wake of birth of Southern Sudan as independent republic, Somaliland hopes that the African Union and international community will follow suit to recognize the efforts made by Somaliland people in maintaining functioning government and flourishing democracy in the region.

In the leaked cables the United States acknowledges the Somaliland government is in control of the region. However, they have withheld recognition to Somaliland on grounds that the African Union should determine the question of Somaliland’s independence.

In turn, the African Union refuses to recognize Somaliland based on fears that doing so would lead to a series of claims of secession by other territories in Africa.

Moreover, the African Union believes that recognizing Somaliland would create further instability in Somalia by introducing “a new dynamic into Somalia and its warring factions, thus threatening current efforts to establish peace and stabilize peace within the country. Furthermore, the African Union further basis its position on their history of upholding the borders demarked following colonization to deter tribal claims of secession.”