Dec 07, 2011

Ahwazi: Standing In Solidarity with Syrian Demonstrators

Following statements of solidarity from Arab Iranians, Syrian demonstrators waved Ahwaz flags as they protested Iranian support of Bashar-al Assad’s regime.  As a further show of unity, members of the Ahwazi diaspora have launched protests outside some of Syria’s European embassies.

Below is an article published by Al Arabiya News:

Syrian demonstrators have been seen waving the Ahwaz flag in protest of the support given to Bashar al-Assad’s regime by the Iranian authorities and in appreciation of the recent statement of solidarity made by Arab Iranians for the protestors who are killed on daily basis by security forces.

More than 50 Ahwazi activists issued a statement condemning what they labeled “war crimes” and “brutal actions” committed by the Syrian regime against armed civilians.

The statement called upon the Syrian army to disobey orders to kill protests and army dissenters and to side with the people and their peaceful revolutions.

Ahwazis in several European countries have also been taking part in demonstrations in front of Syrian embassies in many capitals especially in London where protests have not been regular since the Syrian revolution started nine months ago.

Members of the Syrian opposition accused the Iranian government of supporting Assad’s regime and endorsing his violent suppression of peaceful protestors. They also charge Iran with financially and logistically supporting the Syrian security forces and sending them arms and people to take part in crushing the protests.

Tehran has not made a secret of its support for the Syrian regime. The latest fatwa issued by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urges Iranians to buy Syrian products of all sorts with foreign currency in order to defy Arab and foreign sanctions imposed on Assad’s regime and to subvert pressure on Damascus to end violence against civilians and start real political reforms.