Dec 06, 2011

Somaliland: Security Seminar Ends On Positive Note

As the Security Sector Assessment Seminar comes to an end, Somaliland is praised for its governance and security systems.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Press

An international conference on Conducting a Comprehensive Security Sector Assessment (SSA) came to an end in Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa with an address by UN special envoy to Somalia Mr. Augustine Mahiga. The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Mahiga who acclaimed Somaliland system of governance and security is adequate.

He praised Somaliland government and made it no secret that it deserves to get recognition from the international community as it is functioning democratic. He added that there is an elected government in place now in Somaliland and there was a transfer of power through peaceful means. He went on by saying that today we have the civil society organizations, the government and country’s armed forces discussing the security.

He acknowledged that Somaliland deserves to be assisted on the side of security, promote democracy and gain international recognition and hoped that this will come one day.
Mr. Mahiga told at the conference that once Somaliland’s security is part of the world, we promise to help it develop their security in order to play lions share when it comes to the region of the Horn of Africa.
The conference was attended by all security agencies, representatives of Somaliland government, council of parliament, civil society organizations, the regional body of IGAD and United Nations Organizations.
The main subject of the conference was on measuring Somaliland’s security strategy and how it will play key role in the region.
Somaliland minister of foreign affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar extended a message of thanks to the attendees. He believes that the outcome of the conference will have huge positive impact on Somaliland security agencies to carry out their duties effectively and to be robust.
Dr. Omar said“we are calling upon our friends in the international community who some of them are with us today including the likes of the United Nations Organizations, British government and the regional organization of IGAD and other countries to work together so that our discussions and conference get concrete support from the international community in order to reach our target. The minister added that Somaliland is waiting to get wide support in order to achieve its goals when it comes to Somaliland security strategy.