Dec 05, 2011

Balochistan: Killing Of University Professor Protested By Peers

After the latest instance of targeted killing in Balochistan, academics blame government for the death of five lecturers and professors since 2008.

Below is an article published by The Express Tribune:


Academics condemned the targeted killing of their fellow Mohammad Danish, who was shot dead by unidentified assailants near his residence in Nawa Killi on Tuesday [29 November 2011].

In a memorial held at Balochistan University’s auditorium on Friday, senior professors and lecturers paid tribute to the slain lecturer, who served for seven years at the science and information technology department.

Five lecturers and professors had been killed in incidents of targeted killing since 2008, said Kaleemullah Badech, president of the Academic Staff Association Balochistan.

“Teachers are being targeted frequently with no investigation,” Badech said, adding that “law enforcement agencies have failed to curb the menace of targeted killing.”

“We hold the government and its functionaries responsible for these killings since they have failed to arrest a single suspect behind these killings,” he said.

Professor Saba Dashtiari was shot dead on Saryab earlier this year [2011] , Badech said, adding that other victims include pro-vice chancellor Professor Safdar Kyani, lecturer of media and journalism department Nazima Talib and professor library and sciences department Khurshed Ansar.