Dec 05, 2011

Tibet: Self-Immolation Attempt Inside Tibet

A Tibetan monk has survived a self-immolation attempt, the twelfth this year and the first within Tibet. The protests are targeted against China’s ongoing suppression of their religion and culture.

Below is an article  published by the Sydney Morning Herald:


A FORMER Tibetan monk who set fire to himself as an anti-China political protest in Tibet's Chamdo township has survived, according to Tibet advocacy groups. It was the 12th self-immolation by a Tibetan this year and the first inside Tibet.

The former monk, Tenzin Phuntsog, who is in his 40s, was from the monastery of Karma, according to the International Campaign for Tibet, based in Washington.

The monastery is within what China officially calls the Tibet Autonomous Region, a large area on the Tibetan plateau that was the central part of historical Tibet, the former Himalayan kingdom occupied by China in the 1950s.

The other self-immolations this year [2011] took place to the east, in the neighbouring Chinese province of Sichuan, which encompasses parts of regions that Tibetans call Amdo and Kham.

All of the people were monks or nuns, or formerly of the clergy, and in each case the act appeared to be a protest against Chinese policies.

Earlier this week, two monks from the restive Kirti monastery in Sichuan, home to eight of the other self-immolators, had been detained by Chinese security forces.

Exile groups have called the self-immolations acts of desperate political protest by Tibetans distraught over China's ongoing repression of their religion and culture.