Nov 30, 2011

Somaliland: UNIDO Conducts Trader Training in Hargeisa

Over the next three weeks, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization will train persons in the animal skin and slaughter trade in environmentally-sound industry methods.  All meat used throughout the training will be donated to Hargeisa’s TB Hospital.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Press:

A three week training given by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization has begun in the capital of Somaliland today for traders of animal hide and slaughter house employees. In the next three weeks UNIDO’s trainers will teach the attendees different methods of un-hairing and processing animal hides.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s Program Field Coordinator Eng. Hasan Colad Adam said that the training will last for three weeks and [will be] attended by sixty individuals who are the beneficiary of leather and animal skins trade in Hargeisa and its outskirts.

One cattle was slaughtered and had the skin removed as a demonstration while the attendees watched. The purpose of skinning the cow was to show that there is minimum damage to the hide for purpose of reselling it at higher price. In the next several weeks these attendees will skin the hide to satisfactory degree, [will learn about] wastewater treatment and [how to] correctly dispose any chemical used for coloring. Mr. Gerhard Felsener who is an expert animal skinner will be providing the training during the three week seminar.

Mr. Colad added that training is worthy to be taken advantage of as it has been proven to improve people’s livelihood [...] and will also enhancing the quality of leather and animal skin production in the country. All the slaughter meat [used] during the trainings will be donated to Hargeisa TB hospital. In recent months, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization has implemented several projects in Somaliland under their poverty reduction projects which have seen a tangible result.