Nov 09, 2011

Taiwan: Large Flood-Aid Donation To Thailand

In response to the disastrous flood in Thailand which has taken the lives of more than 500 people, Taiwan has donated US$1 million to Thailand in order to better tackle the aftermath.

Below is an article published by Taiwan News:

The government has decided to donate US$1 million to Thailand to help with the country's flood relief efforts, Premier Wu Den-yih said Tuesday [8 November 2011]. Wu said the government made the decision after hearing a report by Chung Chien, a National Security Council councillor who had visited Taiwan businessmen in the Southeast Asian country. President Ma Ying-jeou instructed the government's representative office in Bangkok to lead an effort to help prevent infectious diseases among Taiwanese investors there and their local employees, according to Wu.

The premier said Taiwan, after experiencing the catastrophe of Typhoon Morakot in August 2009, should share its lessons it learned with Thailand, where many Taiwanese expats live. By providing assistance to Thailand, the Republic of China will be what President Ma had hopes it to be -- not just a trailblazer of Chinese culture but also a provider of humanitarian assistance, Wu said. The latest donation will be on top of a US$100,000 initial contribution the government made to Thailand last month [October 2011] in the wake of the country's worst flooding in 50 years.

The Thai-Taiwan Business Association and other expat groups in Thailand have raised NT$11.2 million that will be donated to Thailand to help with its relief and rescue efforts. In addition, Thailand has received more than NT$1.62 million from Taiwanese people and Thai nationals living in Taiwan, the Thailand Trade and Economic Office (TTEO) in Taipei said a day earlier. Half of Thailand’s population has been affected by the floods, which have had a massive impact on the agricultural, industrial and service sectors, the TTEO said. It added that flood victims are still in need of relief items, such as small boats, tents, food, waterproof boots and drinking water.