Nov 09, 2011

Greek Minority of Albania: Minority Integral For Bilateral Relations

Albanian President Bamir Topi has affirmed the importance of the Greek minority in Albania in firming up bilateral relations with Greece. 

Below is an article published by Greek Europe Reporter:

“The Greek minority in Albania is a vital bridge of mutual understanding, friendship, and cooperation between Greece and Albania, just like the Albanian immigrants working and residing in Greece are,” claimed the President of Albania Mr. Bamir Topi during his visit to Vrysera Community in Ano Dropoli of Argyrokastron yesterday [7 November 2011].

“We are facing common challenges in terms of culture and tradition within the European community” stressed the Albanian President.

According to an Albanian Presidency announcement, Mr. Topi assured that “the Greek minority in Albania will find a way to live according to the standards and join the decision making on all projects concerning its communities in the areas where they reside”.

The President of Albania spoke also supportively of the promotion of cross-border projects between the two neighboring countries.