Nov 08, 2011

Ogoni: MOSOP Intensifies Call For Bori State

MOSOP calls for the support of other ethnic nationalities in its quest for Bori State at the Ken Saro-Wiwa memorial service in Lagos.

Below is an article published by All Africa

Speakers and participants at the 16th anniversary and 1st memorial lecture of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Ogoni martyrs have called for the support of other ethnic nationalities in the country in their quest for the creation of Bori State.

They were of the opinion that the creation of a state for Ogoni people will be part of measures to address the injustices being perpetrated in Ogoniland which Saro-Wiwa and others died for.

Speaking at the ceremony held in Lagos, Saturday, President, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, MOSOP, Mr. Ledum Mitee, stated that in a federal system of government, which Nigeria practises, every ethinic group should decide where they would want to belong.

He said: "For instance, in Rivers State, we have about 17 ethnic groups. So it is in that respect that we think it is conducive for a federal system that ethnic groups should on their own decide where they want to go. And in our own case, we felt that Bori State gives us that perfect atmosphere."

Mitee explained that they were making their demand in the knowledge that it does not deny any other ethnic group in the country of their rights, but will only ensure peace justice, fair play and stability in the country.