Nov 03, 2011

Somaliland: Ethiopian Prime Minister Meets President Silanyo

In high-level and far reaching discussions, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo met in Addis Ababa thus furthering Somaliland’s international status among states.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Press:

The two leaders discussed major issues concerning the countries ranging from peace, stability, the bilateral relation between Ethiopia and Somaliland and most of all the region of Horn of Africa. According to press release issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ethiopia states that the two leaders discussed on cooperating when it comes to combating piracy in the Indian Ocean. After the meeting came to an end, President Siilaanyo spoke to the press and told that his administration detained scores of people suspected in connection with piracy and terrorism links who are in Somaliland jails and he added that investigations are still underway.

Somaliland President Mr. Siilaanyo declined to provide details about the detained people if they have been recently apprehended or if they were previously captured. The President further said that the two countries will work together and strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries which are quite good. Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr. Meles Zenawi also spoke to the press after the meeting and congratulated on Somaliland’s commitment when it comes to combating piracy in the region.

Speaking on this issue, the Ethiopian premier said, “Ethiopia is committed on cooperating Somaliland be it maintaining peace, and security in border areas. Finally the two sides have pledged to work closely on ensuring peace, stability and most of all the fight against piracy which dominated the discussion that the two leaders held last night.