Oct 03, 2011

Tibet: Students For a Free Tibet UK Demonstrate Outside China’s London Embassy

On the People’s Republic of China’s 62nd birthday, 1 October, Chinese pro-democracy activists, Uyghurs and Tibetans protested at the Chinese Embassy in London to highlight human rights abuses.

Below is an article published by The Tibet Post


London: October the 1st marked the 62nd anniversary of the formation of the People's Republic of China. To mark the event, and highlight the appalling human rights abuses and tragedies that have occurred under the name of the Communist party, members of Students for a Free Tibet UK, alongside Chinese pro-democracy activists and members of the minority group the Uyghur's, spent October the 1st protesting outside the Chinese embassy in London.

The peaceful demonstration was executed with dramatic effect. Each protestor wore a blank white mask, and held beneath them a placard with a statement. Each placard described an individual or group who has witnessed abuse, or serious human rights violations, under marred history of the Chinese Communist Party.

An example of one placard states: "I am one of the Tibetan monks, Kidnapped and missing for keeping my faith!" Another read: "I am one of the Tibetan children, forced to flee into exile for freedom of education". The Students for a Free Tibet UK social network page stated:

"On 1st October, the People's Republic of China celebrated 62 years since its formation. But Chinese pro-democracy activists, Uyghur's and Tibetans (CUTS UK) are not celebrating, and instead protested at the Chinese Embassy, London."

Since China's Cultural Revolution, and its invasion of Tibet in 1949, the people of both Tibet and China have witnessed suppression, corruption and slaughter on an unprecedented scale. While those in power in Beijing may be celebrating its 62nd anniversary, there are many more the world over waiting for the soon demise of this brutal regime.