Sep 22, 2011

Somaliland: Vice-President Hosts UAE Delegation

In a further boost to Somaliland’s diplomatic efforts towards international recognition, H.E. Abdirahman A. Ismail has hosted a high-profile visit from UAE relief agencies on the topic of aid for the Horn of Africa.

Below is an article published by the Somaliland Press: 

H.E. Abdirahman A. Ismail, the Vice-President of Somaliland in his office today- Monday (Sept/19/2011) met prominent delegation from UAE-Sharjah. The envoy, representing UAE-Sharjah Red Crescent Society delivered and distributed humanitarian relief food to drought-stricken regions of Somaliland.

The vice-President and also the chair person of Somaliland’s drought emergency relief committee, in his remarks to the media expressed his great appreciation and gratitude to his guest of honour and their imperative assistance during these difficult times Somaliland and its neighbouring countries are facing.

Welcoming the UAE delegates, the Vice-President said “UAE and Somaliland relations and cooperation have advanced well since the two countries share the same religion and culture and that your generosity towards the people of Somaliland during these arduous times, simply illustrates the fruitful and successful collaborations that has been, for the past 20 years, developing stronger. And so on behalf of Somaliland citizens and its government, I would like to once again thank you.”

The Vice-President continuing with his brief speech said “It’s the obligation of every Muslim men and women to help and assist one another in difficult and gruelling times such as this, thus, allow me to welcome all of you with open arms to your second country, Somaliland.”

Rashid Saleh Binu-Hamad, a member of UAE distinguished delegates, expressed his thanks to the vice-President’s hospitality and kind words and said “under the direct order of Dr. Sultan Mohamed Al-qassim, the purpose for our visit here in Somaliland is to take part in the drought emergency relief assistance currently affecting this country (Somaliland) as well as the Horn of Africa and hence, carry out our obligations by providing aid and lending a hand to your country during this calamitous period.”

Upon arrival, the prominent delegates were greeted at Hargeisa International Airport by the minister of Religion, Hon. Sheikh Khaliil Abdillahi Ahmed, the minister of agriculture, Hon. Farah Elmi and Policy adviser for the President, Mr. Abiib Direye Nur.


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