Sep 16, 2011

Somaliland: British Delegation Visits

Coming after a recent visit by British deputy to the European Parliament, Charles Tannock MEP, a delegation of British Embassy staff has been welcomed by Somaliland President Silanyo and are due to hold talks about developing stronger relationships between the two governments, but also security, combatting piracy, , improving development and regional relations.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Press:

Somaliland President Ahmed M. Silanyo today [insert date] welcomed high level British diplomats from the British Embassy in Addis, Ethiopia according to president spokesman. Also present at the meeting were Presidential Minister Mr. Hirsi Ali, Dr. Sa’ad Shire Minister of Planning and Dr. Mohamed Rashid State Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The British delegation was led by Chris Allan and consisted of the Deputy Secretary of British Embassy in Addis Ababa Mr. Matt Woods and Ms. Paulina a senior director of Department for International Development. The British delegation’s visit to Somaliland is a follow up to Ambassador Norman Ling’s last visit to Somaliland last year when the new government took office.

President Ahmed Silanyo and the delegates discussed on ways to build stronger relationships between Somaliland and the British governments. The two parties also examined about ways UK can give a hand with the country’s development, security, combating piracy as well as developing an effective and strong relationship with its neighbouring countries. President concluded the meeting on emphasized the importance of continued relationship between the two countries and to have a frequent contacts between the governments of Somaliland and UK.