Sep 08, 2011

Tibet: Incarceration Follows Peaceful Protest

Samphel Dhondup has become the latest victim in China’s oppression of the political rights of the Tibetan people. Arrested alongside two fellow youths, Dhondup has been imprisoned for three years following a staging of a peaceful protest.

Below is an article published by Tibet Post International


The so called Intermediate People's Court sentenced a 23 year old young Tibetan man from Karze county, Kham region of eastern Tibet to three years imprison for his involvement in a peaceful protest against Chinese rule in Tibet and its harsh treatment of the peaceful Tibetan people.

"As per information received from a reliable source, three Tibetan youths were arrested by local Chinese police on 10th July 2011 in the county," according to a report of the official media of the Central Tibetan Administration Tibet Net.

The Three Tibetan youths, Samphel Dhondup aged 23, Lobsang Phuntsok, 17 and Lobsang Lhundup, staged a peaceful protest at around 4.00 pm [10 July 2011] in Karze county of Kham region of eastern Tibet after which they were arrested by the Local Chinese police and taken away to a nearby detention center, the report said.

Lobsang Phuntsok and Lobsang Lhundup were later released on bail but Samphel Dhondup was sentenced to 3 years in prison for organizing the protest and disrupting public life by a local Chinese court.

Samphel Dhondup is from Lam-Na Dro-Tso, Kardze whereas Lobsang Phuntsok and Lobsang Lhundup are from karze Ri-Go Dong-Druk and Karze Norzin Drong respectively.

In last month, a 29 yrs old Buddhist monk Tsewang Norbu of Nyatso Monastery in Kham Tawo, eastern Tibet self-immolated to protest against Chinese illegal occupation over Tibet and its severe repression of the Tibetans in their Homaland.

Following the event, the Chinese authorities deployed thousands of armed Chinese troops with military tanks in the areas of the monastery, locking down the entire monastery, according to Tibet sources.

The Himalyan town of Tawu county of Tibet was also locked down with blocking the roads, closing down the schools, restaurants and cafes etc. Restrictions on the movements of the local Tibetans and communications via telephone and internet have been severely tightened.

Since his arrest, there is no any official report from the Chinese authorities. When he was sentenced by the court, the reason for his arrest, news about his current situation and whereabouts are still not known.



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