Sep 08, 2011

Nagalim: NSCN (IM) Calls For Political Solidarity Against Organised Crime

Following an increase in organised crime and anti-social behaviour in urban areas, the NSCN(IM) has called for political solidarity, coordination and cooperation against such outbreaks.

Below is an article published by The Times of India


There has been a spurt in anti-social activities, especially kidnappings and intimidation of the business community, in Dimapur over the past few days. The NSCN(IM) on Wednesday [7 September 2011]termed these incidents as a "matter of serious concern".

The NSCN(IM) said the three Naga political groups, which have come together to defend the historical and political rights of the Nagas, should also come together in a coordinated manner to curb these anti-social activities with a heavy hand.

A press note from the outfit stated that every conceivable means should be explored with the active support of the public to rein in these criminals, who have gone too far. It added that "the designated agency of each group dealing in crime should show up in action to shoulder greater responsibility in controlling crimes, particularly in Dimapur."

The press note added that these miscreants are making easy money in the commercial hub of Nagaland and committing crimes of all sorts, which need a serious crackdown. It added if the matter is not given attention, the progress made at the political level and the hard-earned peace in the state would be lost because of criminal activities.

The NSCN(IM) further stated that the public is fed up hearing news of kidnapping, rape, molestation and extortion and theft by miscreants and now it is time "we awaken ourselves to face the reality and at least show our face to the public and prove that as much as we are serious in pursuing the political interest of the Nagas, we show equal seriousness in dealing with the crime and help Dimapur shed the tag of notoriety it has earned in the recent past."

It also observed that the intensity of crime in Dimapur has gone beyond tolerance. "People's faith in Naga political groups is waning and it must be gained back by doing something beyond people's expectation," it stated.


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