Sep 07, 2011

Southern Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani MP Ganira Pahayeva Espresses Concern of Human Rights Abuse in Iran

MP Ganira Pahayera: "Azerbaijani Turks everywhere in the world should be concerned over the ongoing events in South Azerbaijan, Iran."

Below is an article published by News.Az

It is regrettable that the Iranian regime still continues its policy of discrimination against Azerbaijani Turks who make up almost half of population of this country and live in their ancestral lands.

The remarks came from Azerbaijani MP Ganira Pashayeva.

Azerbaijani Turks in this country are deprived of their fundamental rights due to injustice displayed by Fars and mullah regime, she said.

The national rights of Azerbaijanis in Iran are breached and they are denied education in their mother tongue, the MP added.

“Show me some other place in the world where a nation which constitutes half of the population is denied education in its own language. You can find no other similar precedent in the world,” the MP noted.

“We even sometimes hear that our Southern compatriots face problems while inviting musicians from North Azerbaijan to their wedding ceremonies. Some of them experience problems for hosting their relatives and loved ones from Azerbaijan. We are very concerned over this. Every of our compatriots across the world who consider themselves to be true Azerbaijani Turk should not remain  indifferent to this issue and raise their voices to get rights of our Southern compatriots recognized. This is a duty of each of us,” Pashayeva stated.