Aug 22, 2011

Nagalim: Reconciliation - A Journey of Common Hope

Naga eyes forgiveness, cooperation and reconciliation to right the wrongs of the past amid decades of conflict.

Nagas have longed for genuine reconciliation among us; and notwithstanding our commitment and support, the path to Naga reconciliation remained arduous due to decades of conflict fortified between us. Nevertheless, our commitment to Naga reconciliation brought us together on August 20, 2011, in Dimapur, Nagaland, in the spirit of openness towards one another and the indispensable necessity of reconciliation for the historical and political cause of the Nagas. 

Having met today through the Forum for Naga Reconciliation we wish to inform the Naga people that we have honestly shared our personal opinions on the tragic divisions of the past. We acknowledge that during this time of separation we have profoundly hurt one another; and today through this God given opportunity we have expressed how deeply Sorry we are and we have genuinely forgiven each other. For healing to take place, we also take this time to collectively express our sincere apology to the Naga people for all the wrongs we have committed in the course of the Naga struggle.
Henceforth, we declare to the Naga people that we have reconciled before God and fellow human beings and in this spirit of reconciliation we are persuaded to understand each other and work towards a shared Naga future on the foundation of our historical and political rights.
Fellow Nagas, in the spirit of love let the past remain the past, and from today, let us toil for our common cause.

Mr. Isak Chishi Swu                                                  
Chairman, NSCN/GPRN