Aug 22, 2011

Iranian Kurdistan: 32nd Anniversary of Khomeini’s Jihad against Kurds

Regional colonialism and state sponsored terrorism are a result of 32 years of rhetoric used by the Iranian Islamic regime which declared jihad against the 'infidel' Kurdish population. 

Below is an article published by Rojhelat News

Today 19th August is the 32nd anniversary of Jihad declared by the founder of the Iranian Islamic Regime against the Kurdish people in East of Kurdistan.

After the declaration of Jihad (wholly war) by the founder of the Islamic Republic, the Kurdish people particularly the civilian were met with a cataclysmic round of state terrorism which after 32 years still haunts the Kurdish society.

On 19th August 1980 the supreme leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution declared a Jihad against the Kurds while the Kurdish people were only pressing for their democratic rights within the Iranian borders.

Within the Jihad order, Khomeini ordered the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to clear Kurdistan off the ‘infidels’, referring to the Kurds.

Following the Jihad order, thousands of IRGC as well as other state militias including Basij, invaded Kurdistan from various points and a great numbers of cities and villages were heinously attacked.

The villages of Qarne, Qelatan, Sewze, Inderqash, Dilancherx, Helbi, Koyan, Kerezey Shikakan, Cheqil Mistefa, Xelifelyan, Gorxane, Wusukend, Qeregul, Dime Sur, Cafer Abad, Mercan Abad, Bayz Awe, Cubereyl Awe, Gonde Welle, Du Aw, Saruqamish, Hele Qush and Gece u Sofyan thousands of civilian Kurds who were regarded as ‘infidels’ and ‘pagans’ were massacred.

In the cities of Kirmashan, Pawe, Sine, Meriwan, Seqiz, Mahabad, Bokan, and many more hundreds of Kurdish youths were executed in the firing squads (the photo).

32 years have passed since the declaration of the Jihad against the Kurds, but what the founder of Islamic Regime designed for the annihilation of the ‘infidels’ , has been in the agenda of the Iranian successive governments.

The Iranian prisons are piled up with the Kurdish civil and political activists; tens of Kurdish political activists are on death row, Kurdish workers are gun downed by the Iranian borders guards; and if the Kurds stand up for themselves and try to defend themselves against such state violence, they are labelled as ‘terrorist’.

There are various historical evidences proving that this was the Kurds, who have repeatedly been subjected to the state terrorism of the occupying powers of Kurdistan and the regional colonialism. The massacre of 19th August is only a snap shot of what happened to the Kurds!