Aug 05, 2011

Ogoni: Mosop Welcomes Shell’s Admittance Of Liability Over Bodo Oilspills

MOSOP hails victory for the Ogoni people and their use of non-violent tactics, but condemns Shell’s lack of social responsibility towards the victims of the 2008 oil spills in Bodo.


August 4th, 2011


Press Release





The Movement for the survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) welcomes the news that Shell has admitted liability for the two massive oil spills in Bodo community in 2008.


MOSOP hails this as a victory for the Ogoni people and the non-violent tactics that they had employed in prosecuting their cause. MOSOP particularly applauds the lawyers associated with the case and the community for their resilience in taking their case abroad, which had marked a growing confidence in extraterritorial litigation.


Whilst MOSOP welcomes this development, it regrets that it took a court in the United Kingdom to make Shell to admit to its culpability in the oil spills that had wreaked immense havoc on biological systems in Bodo community.


MOSOP further condemns the attitude of Shell for choosing to pay compensation to victims as a result of this case according to stipulations of Nigeria law which falls far short of what is obtained even in the United Kingdom.


MOSOP reiterates that whilst no monetary compensation would be enough for the loss of pristine forests and aquatic lives due to the spills, it has always been our position that such monetary compensation should be broad enough to assuage the sufferings of the people and put them in a better position. This is not the case with the current compensation regime in Nigeria.


It is MOSOP’s hope that this recent court victory by the local villagers  from the Ogoni community of  Bodo  will serve as a warning signal to  Shell   and other oil moguls in the Niger Delta to start making amends across the broad spectrum of communities  in the Niger Delta  where  they are  presently  operating .




Ledum Mitee




President: Ledum Mitee; Deputy President: Dr. Olua Kamalu;

Acting-Secretary-General: Moses Damgbor; Financial Secretary: Fortune Chujor; Treasurer: Daniel Nsanee;

Publicity Secretary: Emmanuel Ebeh; Legal Adviser: Samuel Igbara