Aug 01, 2011

Cabinda: EU Delegation Witnesses Peaceful Protest Violently Oppressed.

EU Delegation to Cabinda Witnesses the Atrocities Endured by Cabindans

Below is an article published by Terracabinda:

From 25th July to 26th July 2011 a visit was made to Cabinda by a delegation of the EU Commission in Angola led by Mr Javier Puyol. The delegation consisted of the ambassadors of France, Great Britain, Holland, Germany and Poland, in addition to representatives of Portugal and Italy (according to Angop) visited Cabinda.

The visit was planned by the Government of Angola aiming to show off its total control of Cabindan territory to the representatives of these developed countries and convince them that Cabinda has achieved peace according to the will of Angola and its military, expecting them to convey the message to their Governments that they should remove the issue of Cabinda from the international agenda.

However, the determination of the people of Cabinda was once again firmly shown, despite the repression they are victims of, by a spontaneous peaceful demonstration to convey a message contrary to the one prepared by the regime for its guests.

As usual the regime responded with violence and now we have learned that massive arrests are taking place in Cabinda after the horrible event, which this time the world cannot ignore, as it was carried out before the eyes of respected Ambassadors of developed countries, members of the EU, with great interests in Cabinda.

If they did not see then at least they heard the shootings and cries of the peaceful people of Cabinda that wanted to approach them only to express their desire for peace, dignity and self-determination, as stated in the UN Charter and in accordance with all international human rights recognised worldwide and upheld by the EU and the countries the ambassadors represent.

The message is clear: Cabinda is suffering before the eyes of the civilised world in the 21st century when the world has the means to regulate all issues of self-determination, as we have just witnessed in South Sudan. Why are there different weights for different scales?

The Liberal Forum for the Emancipation of Cabinda once again asks the world powers to reconsider their double standards regarding the issue of Cabinda because they really still fly the flag of peace and human rights; the regime in Luanda feels encouraged by the silence of the EU and sees it as carte blanche to do whatever it wants against the martyred people of Cabinda.