Jul 05, 2011

Iranian Kurdistan: Iraqi Kurdish MP says Iranian Regime’s Shelling of Kurdish Villages a “Clear Aggression Against Iraq’s Sovereignty”

As shelling of Kurdish villages continues on the Iran-Iraq border Iraqi Kurdish MP, Latif Mustapha shouts back. 

Below is an article published by Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran:

NCRI - The Kurdish Taghyeer parliamentary faction asked the Iraqi government to summon the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Baghdad in order to explain constant shelling of Kurdish villages near the border and their military operations in that region, the al-Sharqia News TV reported on July 1.

Latif Mustapha from the Taghyeer faction said: Constant shelling of Kurdistan villages by the Iranian regime is a clear aggression against Iraq’s sovereignty and the Iranian side must be asked to stop the shelling, because a great deal of damages has been inflicted on those villages and many villagers have been forced to leave their homes.