Dec 01, 2010

Earth, Exploitation and Survival - Dimensions of Indigenous Identity (Nando Peretti Foundation)

The Earth, Exploitation and Survival project is made possible thanks to the Nando Peretti Foundation.


Earth, Exploitation and Survival is a project that targets and seeks to redress the threats made to indigenous peoples’ natural environments, languages, traditional livelihoods and community cohesion, which when combined, form the core essence of identity for indigenous people.


Indigenous peoples around the world share an integral association with their natural environments both economically and culturally. As such, any exploitation of natural resources found in their lands not only poses a threat to the natural environment but is an affront to their culture and livelihoods.


This action seeks to build upon the solid foundations and good working relationships with schools, human rights and environment club leaders and Youth Ambassadors that UNPO has established during the previous Peretti Foundation endorsed project.


Through supporting the human rights and environment clubs, training of youth leaders and student ambassadors and an annual youth forum, it is hoped to increase awareness about climate change, environmental protection and the dangers of oil bunkering. It will also build the leadership qualities of the leaders of tomorrow.


This project will focus on three indigenous people: Montagnard (Vietnam), Mapuche (Chile) and Batwa (Rwanda).


- Congress on Indigenous Languages in Chile November 2011

- Montagnard Training in Geneva November 2011

- Mapuche Summer School October 2011

- EES NandoPeretti 2010-2013: Batwa Training August 2011

- EES NandoPeretti 2010-2013: Batwa Activities October 2010 - February 2011

- EES NandoPeretti 2010-2013: Mapuche Activities October 2010 - February 2011