May 17, 2011

Oromo: Students Admitted To Hospital After Torture

The Oromian Youth Movement reveals that at least 10 University (AAU) students, who refused to give self-incriminating evidence, have been beaten, and they are under high care treatment at the St. Paul Hospital.


Below is an article published by: Qeerroo.

In a statement released on May 13 Qeerroo, the National Youth Movement, says the Oromos in general and the Oromo Students in particular have obviously been the first in the line of victimization when it comes down to ethnicity and regional lines.

According to the statement, among the detainees there are graduating class students from AAU, Hawassa, Jima and Haromaya universities. Forum asked government to stop violating constitutional rights of citizens.

The statement indicated that the situation worsened during EPRDF administration though the public expects it to bring peace and democratic system. However, the Youth determined to die for their freedom in their home land in peaceful struggle.

“We, Oromo and all other oppressed peoples students, declare to the world and the Ethiopian peoples that we are committed to be first in torching the revolution.Given the recent history of Oromo students’ movement, we are cognizant of the price of freedom.We are determined to die in freedom than living in slavery," says Qeerroo.

Meanwhile, the main opposition group called Forum confirmed that six Addis Ababa University (AAU) students who refused to give self incriminating evidence beaten and they are under treatment at St. Paul hospital.

The Forum says Ethiopians defeated external invaders in defense of their country. The Forum however, says dictatorial leaders who hold power in the country have been killing, arresting and violating human rights of citizens.

EPRDF accusation against oppositions and their supporters over links with Eritrean government is baseless Forum said. The statement says EPRDF is scared because of removal of dictators from power following public uprising in Arab countries.

With the intention to weaken the struggle for democracy, government arrested 200 people from Oromia region accused of having links with OLF. The statement says government denied the arrested people visitation right by families.


The most recent crackdown against Oromo students, which has been going on since April 14, 2011, has hit all universities and colleges in different regional states, and has sent hundreds students to prison without any idea as to when they would be released.

According to the recent Qeerroo findings the names of the following detained students are: Tariku Bekele, Megersa Bekele, Fituma Tadesse Biya, Tolessa Faraja, Tufa Bacha, Miressa Qanani, Dame Olana, Tadesse Tekalegn, Sanbata Dame, Dandii Bekele, Alemayehu Garumma, Fayisa Alemneh, Dachassa Magarssa, Sena Marara, Saya, Dagim Gizaw, Wariyo Banti, Tafese Motora, Biqila Abshalo, Duguma Jabessa, Jamara Tolessa, Biqila Tesfaye, Tilahun Fufa Gutu, Takele Arega Garoma, Duguma Beyene, Damara Gamada Qana’a, Ketema Dhinsa Yadeta, Desalegn Dobbi, Tolessa Jabana, Dereje Gutu.

As it was the case in the previous similar crackdowns on Oromo students, this most recent violence by a government against its own citizens was started in Mizan Tepi University with students of Tigrian origin deliberately provoking Oromo students and inciting clashes, with armed security forces waiting standby in the backyard.