May 10, 2011

Balochistan: HRCP Complete Fact Finding Mission

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has concluded its ‘Fact Finding Mission’ to trace out the issues of missing people, target killing and other problems facing the people of Balochistan.


Below is an article published by: South Asian News Agency.

While describing the details of the mission during an interview, Prof Mehdi Hasan-former chairman and member of the HRCP’s recent mission, has said that this was the forth assignment of the commission on Balochistan issue.

Prof Mehdi Hasan said we have focused mainly on two issues, first to create harmony; as we have two sorts of reservation, one issue is of missing people, that is indeed of a serious concern and the other is related to the new development, the recovery of dead bodies- proclaim by nobody.

Prof Mehdi Hasan said that the second issue is that Balochistan government has no control over the situation and the police officials have also of the same opinion as we met with the Inspector General of the province.

Prof Mehdi Hasan, while elaborating the suggestions and recommendations given to the government for the better control over the situation, has said that government should empower the law enforcement agencies to take any action against the criminals and miscreants.

He said “we have asked it again that if you make involve Army and Agencies and think that Police is not capable for the task, instead Army and Frontier Corp is needed then they should work under the civil administration”.

“If you arrest any body then he must be handed over to Police and they will responsible to registered a case and present him before the court” Prof Mehdi Hasan added.

In his reaction over the report of the commission, Bismillah Kakar, member of the ruling PPP’s central committee, said that government is taking steps to resolve the Balochistan issue.

He said “the question is basically about one thing that there are some organizations or agencies who abduct people despite the clear orders of Courts the directives of Federal and provincial governments and we identify these people as the missing persons”.

While responding a question he added that the Supreme Court has clearly directed that in any sort of crime the criminal must be handed over to Police and after the filling a case against him the person should be bring into justice.

Bismillah Kakar said that this terminology of missing persons is indeed a big issue of the country especially of Balochistan and this must be taken towards its conclusion.

When asked that either he think that government is serious about the issue, Bismillah Kakar said that the government and people of Balochistan are willing to discuss all issues except the break off of Balochistan.

Bismillah Kakar expressed his confidence that the government will take concrete steps, adding that the government is very much serious to accept the demands and rights of Baloch people.