May 04, 2011

Taiwan: Visit by the Deputy Speaker of Japan’s House of Representatives

Seishiro Eto, deputy speaker of Japan’s lower house visited Taiwan to express his gratitude for the help in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, marking the highest-level Japanese visit since 1972

Below is an article published by Focus Taiwan: 

Seishiro Eto, deputy speaker of the lower house of Japan's bicameral Diet, arrived in Taiwan Wednesday [4 May 2011] to thank Taiwan in person for its generous aid in the wake of a devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March. 

Eto is the highest-level Japanese parliamentarian to visit Taiwan since 1972 when Japan switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing. 

Upon arrival in Taiwan, Eto said through an interpreter that the sole purpose of his visit was to say thanks to Taiwan for all the support and assistance it had offered to Japan for post-disaster relief. 

During his two-day stay, Eto will meet with President Ma Ying-jeou to convey the Japanese government's appreciation for Taiwan's donations of cash and relief supplies to help Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims. 

Eto will also meet with Taiwan's Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and tourism officials to discuss promotion of tourism and cultural exchanges, legislative sources said. 

As of April 28, Taiwan's Red Cross Society had collected more than NT$2.13 billion (US$74.22 million) in donations to help fund Japan's post-disaster relief programs. 

The Red Cross Society said recently that it will confirm the channel for delivering all of the donations after a partnership meeting in Tokyo in early May, and will publish its plan and timetable for doing so. The society will end its donation drive for Japan disaster relief on May 10.