Apr 22, 2011

Crimean Tatars: EU Supports Development of Crimean Region

European investments for tourism development in Crimean region are to contribute to cultural diversity and should raise awareness of the cultural patrimony of Crimean Tatars.


Below is an article published by Crimean News Agency:

The European Union (EU) will send EUR 5 million for the development of tourism in Crimea and Aqyar (Sevastopil). According to the Resort and Information Centre of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, EU plans to implement a project in Crimea to support tourism development.

The project originator is the EU Delegation to Ukraine. The project aims to assist in the diversification of tourism in Crimea and Aqyar and to create an attractive tourist product based on the use of the unique potential of the area. It consists of 3 event blocks: institutional development, improvement of service quality and management of tourism facilities, diversification and increase of attractiveness of the tourist product.

Thus, within the first block of activities, the EU and the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea plan to create a single and regularly updated online catalogue of Crimea’s tourist attractions, travel products, services and accommodation facilities. In addition, it intends to assist in the elaboration of not less than 4 integrated tourism development plans for cities with populations of less than 100 thousand inhabitants. The EU also intends to support the formation of the Crimean alliance of tourist associations and support existing associations and business clusters.

The first block also involves the analysis and, when necessary, improvement of the tourism development strategy in Crimea, the study of the possibility of the Council on the development of tourism in Crimea, which would be responsible for promoting a unified tourist product of the Crimean peninsula on the international market.

The second block is expected to create a centre for curriculum development and coordination of training activities for development of tourism in Crimea, to conduct training sessions for employees in the tourism sector and related industries.

The third and the largest block is aimed at improving the quality of the Crimean tourist products. In particular, the EU will assist the Crimean authorities in developing a 10-year plan for reforming the recreational sector, creating not less than four attractive tourist packages in the development of a 5-year plan to equip the Crimean tourist signs.

The project of the total budget of EUR 5 million will be implemented within 3 years. EUR 3.4 million is to be spent on technical assistance, EUR 1.5 million for the purchase of necessary equipment and EUR 50,000 to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the project. The contractor will be determined through a tender which is open for both Ukrainian and foreign companies.

According to Mr. Jose Roman Leon Lora, First Counsellor, Head of section for Economic Cooperation, regional and social development of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the project is a component of the programme “Support to the Joint Cooperation Initiative in Crimea” financed by the European Union. “Tourism is a complex sector. Today it is impossible to focus on local tourism. We must think globally on how we are going to compete with other tourist regions. Ukrainian and Crimean authorities understand it. I hope that we shall soon see the results of the project,” he said.