Apr 15, 2011

Nagalim: Stating Women Empowerment

The 18th General Conference of the Watsu Mungdang raised the question of Naga women entering decision making bodies, commenting on its positive impact on the society as a whole.

Below is an article published by Morung Express:

Pointing out that the time for women to enter the decision making bodies of the state has arrived, a speaker during the18th General Conference of the Watsu Mungdang (apex Ao Women organization) which got underway today argued that if Naga women enter the decision making bodies then the status of women and also the society will be greatly improved because women have the qualities of being honest and strong willed when it comes to implementing developmental activities in the society, she said.  The main speaker of the evening, Prof Alemla Ao from SASRD Medziphema was speaking on the topic ‘Demarcate your field’ where she enlightened the delegates on the status and prospects of Ao women in the society.

In this regard, Prof Alemla listed out some qualities which is needed to carry out these tasks in the society like courage, will power and determination, being able to identify ones talent, self confidence, judicious use of wealth and most importantly maintaining a healthy balance between the responsibilities of family and society intact. She further suggested that it would be good if the Watsu Mungdang leaders could take short term courses in leadership training so that they can lead the society and the organization to greater heights.

The 18th General Conference of the Watsu Mungdang is now underway at Town Hall, Mokokchung under the theme “Conquer your field”. Nearly two thousand delegates from the more than 120 Watsu Mungdang Units across the six ranges under Mokokchung and five districts are taking part in the two day conference. The inaugural programme kicked off in a grand manner. Despite the inclement weather, the town hall was packed with delegates who sat attentively throughout the programme.

Pointing out that fifty percent of the population in the society is women, Prof Alemla said that the women in our society are comparatively in a better position than their counterparts in other parts of the country. However, she said that there are lots of works to be done by the womenfolk in the society for the uplift of the society and also for uplifting the status of women in the society.
In this regard, Prof Alemla asserted the Ao womenfolk should give emphasis on culture and tradition, focus on fight against domestic violence and crimes against women in the society, corruption. She also emphasized on providing quality education without discriminating between female or male child.

Quoting Jawaharlal Nehru’s word, Prof Alemla said ‘when you educate a man, you educate an individual; but when you educate a woman you educate a family and a nation’. She also raised concern about the dropout of school and college children, and challenged the Watsu Mungdang to do something in this regard, like conducting seminars, skill-development programmes etc so that the dropouts can also become responsible members of the society.

Earlier in the programme, students of Town Higher Secondary School Mokokchung presented the theme song ‘Ne wadang koktetang’ (conquer your field). The theme songs was composed and tuned by Arsashi Ozukum, a local singer in Mokokchung. The Watsu Mungdang Unit of Ungma village and the Conference choir presented special songs. The ABAM Executive Secretary, Rev Dr Mar Atsongchanger also exhorted the participants.

Tomorrows morning programme will have Mokokchung DC Lithrongla G Chishi as the main speaker who will be speaking on the topic ‘Conquer your field’. Dr Imsutoshi Jamir of ETC Jorhat will be the main speaker in the evening session.  The conference will conclude tomorrow, April 15, 2011.