Jul 30, 2002

World Sindhi Congress (Sindhi Unity Forum) application for UNPO membership approved

The UNPO Steering Committee (SC) recently approved the membership application by the World Sindhi Congress (WSC).

This decision requires standard approval by the UNPO General Assembly, which is due to meet during October 2002. A final date has not yet been decided.

In a preliminary reaction, WSC chairperson, Dr. Munawar Halepota, praised the decision and expressed appreciation to the SC for this kind gesture.

In the same letter, dated 28 February 2002, Dr. Halepota extended an invitation to UNPO General Secretary Erkin Alptekin to participate as guest speaker at the WSC International Conference on Sindhi Unity - Sindhi Strategy, to be held in Karachi, Pakistan, from 15 - 16 June 2002.