Mar 28, 2011

Tibet: Restricted Movement when China puts Pressure on Nepal

Chinese officials reportedly requested Nepal to strengthen border controls to prevent Tibetan ‘anti-Chinese activities’. 

Below is an article published by Republica:

Chinese officials have requested Nepal to ensure blockage in the movement of Tibetans through the border.

Chinese officials put forward the request during a security meeting at Khasa, Tibet between the security officials of adjoining regions on Saturday [March 26, 2011]. Stressing that the Tibetans are running anti-Chinese activities after entering Nepal, the Chinese officials requested Nepal to beef up security at border. They also indirectly requested Nepali officials to extradite arrested Tibetans to China.

Nepali officials, headed by Chief District Officer Bishnu Kumar Karki, reiterated that Nepal is committed to implement the agreements between two countries and following the laws.
CDO Karki accepted that he went for a meeting but didn’t disclose the issues discussed. “I am new so they invited for a get-together,” he said. “There were not much of formal talks.”