Mar 17, 2011

Balochistan: Activists Assassinated In Unending Violence

Four Baloch political activists were found dead after being arrested by the police, casting further doubts about the role of the Pakistani law enforcement agencies in the wave of murders in Balochistan.


Below is an article published by the Asian Human Rights Commission:


The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that four disappeared persons bullet riddled and torture marks bodies were found from Balochistan province who were previously arrested by the law enforcement agencies. Their bodies were thrown in different places of Baluchistan and Four more persons were abducted by the Frontier Corps (FC) and plain clothed persons from different places of Balochistan, since then their whereabouts are unknown. The victims’ family believed that they were arrested by Frontier Corps and personal from intelligence agencies.


Mr. Yasir, son of Haji Nasir, resident of Gawader, was an activist of Baloch Student Organization (BSO Azad) abducted from Gawader on 29 October 2010. Regarding his disappearance a case was registered in Gawader police station. On 9 March 2011 his bullet riddled body was found from Murgap. There were drill wounds and torture marks on his body and two bullets wounds on his chest.


Deen Muhammad Marri, 55, son of Sher Muhammad Marri, was a baloch activist abducted from Hub Sakran No, 6 on 28 February 2011, along with his two friends Shareef Marri and Haji Azal Khan Marri. Haji Azal Khan Was released and Muhammad Shareef Marri is still missing. Deen Muhammad body was found on 8 March 2011 from Zero point Liari he received two bullets on his head and torture marks were on his body. Deen Muhammad was abducted first time on 5 February 2008, and released on 6 October 2008. He told that he was abducted by law enforcement agencies and kept in a torture cell where he was tortured by law enforcement agencies.


Faiz Muhammad Marri, son of Jalal Marri was abducted from Karachi on 6 November 2010. His bullet riddled body was found on 2 February 2011, from Dasht Mastung District, Balochistan province.


Another body of Mr. Nuroze Khan, son of Allah Baksh was found last week from Jiwan area of Kalat District, Balochistan.


Mr. Rawat Khan Marri, 26, son of Alam Khan Marri a transporter along with Soorat Khan Marri, 34 a farmer, were arrested in February 2011, from Machi check post. Persons from law enforcement agencies they stopped the vehicle and they were dragged in to a parado with no registration number. When the victim’s family consulted to the police station regarding the kidnapping of them, police refused to file the case against the law enforcement agencies.


Sajid Baloch, Member of Baloch National Movement (BNM) was abducted from Jiwani on 6 March 2011. Hidatullah Jamaldeney, son of Sher Muhammad was arrested on 6 March 2011 from Noshkey; he was the activist of Baloch Republican Party and Deputy Secretary of Killi Faqeeran Unit.


The family members of victims are concerned about their health that they would be killed as like other disappeared persons were killed.


Suggested Action: Please write the letters to the authorities showing your deep concern about the extrajudicial killings of the disappeared person and the abductions of the activists by law enforcement agencies and Frontier Corps (FC). Please urge them to stop the extra judicial killing of the disappeared persons and the abductions of the activist, if they are involve in any crime or anti state activities, they should be produced before the court and should be prosecuted according to the law instead of abducting or killing in various torture cells.