Mar 10, 2011

Nagalim: Peace is a Common Desire

The call for peace, unity and brotherhood was recently made by Health Minister of Nagaland Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, urging people maintain positive outlook in the society.

Below is an article published by the Morung Express:


Minister for Health & Family Welfare, government of Nagaland Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu yesterday [date] asserted that population is an asset of the society. Peace and unity is the common desire of the Naga society and the responsibility of achieving the common desires lies with the common people of the society, Nienu said and urged the people to maintain brotherhood among the different sections of people. 

The Health Minister was addressing the 2011 Kuzhami Welfare Organization (KWO) Phek general session held on March 8 at Phek Town Hall. Nienu encouraged the people gathered to maintain positive outlook in the society as in a united society there would be no misunderstandings.

As part of his individual contribution to the Kuzhami bothers, the Minister donated two lakh towards the KWO fund and fifty thousands for the day feast. Mikha Lomi, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Phek and Wetsope Krome, Superintendent of Police (SP) Phek were among others who exhort the day function.

Earlier, the function was chaired by KWO president Neilhite Akami, invocation by Kewezolo Mero, Pastor, Nepali Baptist Church, Phek Town, general secretary report was read by Teisovikuolie Therieh, indigenous tune was presented by Wehicho and friends, vote of thanks was proposed by Tsulhi Khape and closing prayer was pronounced by Kevichusa Koza, pastor, CRC, Phek followed by mass feast.