Mar 08, 2011

Sindh: MPAs Suggest A Female Army Chief Be Appointed

The Government of Pakistan should set a precedent and appoint a woman as the Chief of Army Staff.


Below is an article published by: The International Herald Tribune.

During the Sindh Assembly session, MPAs unanimously passed a resolution to commemorate the 100th International Women’s Day being celebrated on March 8. The resolution was moved by Shazia Marri: “This assembly … pays tribute to the dynamic women of Pakistan who strive passionately for the betterment of the country and its future despite [...] impediments.

The resolution appreciates the women-empowerment policies, programmes and legislations of the present democratic government and resolves to further the struggle to establish a just and equitable environment conducive for sustainable development.”

MPAs demanded more legislation and more rights for women. “Women comprise only 17 per cent of the country’s workforce in comparison to 77 per cent in Indonesia and 70 per cent in Iran.
The government should provide them more jobs,” they said.