Mar 03, 2011

Iranian Kurdistan: Tehran Executes 10 Kurdish Political Prisoners

The worrying rise in the number of executions ordered by Teheran seems to persist, as 10 Kurds have been hanged on the accusation of being members of Kurdish political parties.


Below is an article published by the Peoples Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan:


During the past couple of day’s family members of Kurdish political prisoners raised fear that Iran was planning to execute 12 Kurdish political prisoners in the city of Umrye. Today [1 March 2011] sources in Umrye informed our party and human rights organizations that Iran executed 10 of the 12 political prisoners yesterday [28 February 2011] night.


The 10 political prisoners were hanged around One O’clock at night at the central prison of Urmye yesterday [28 February 2011]. At the moment we only have the names of three of the prisoners that were executed:

1.    Hamid Bhadori, from the Bradost district of Urmye

2.    Seida Ansari, also from the Bradost district of Urmye

3.    Behzad Henare, from Mastekan district of Urmye


According to our information residents of Urmye gathered outside the office of the municipality yesterday [28 February 2011] night to demonstrate against the executions. Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers attacked the people and several of the demonstrators and guards have been injured.


Most, if not all, of the executed political prisoners were charged with being members of Kurdish political parties. Our party and several other organizations has launched a campaign in support of Iran’s different nations political prisoners, visit the blog for more information (in Persian).