Oct 05, 2004

Nagalim: NISC deplores the evil terrorist Attack on Civilians in both Nagaland and Assam

The NISC is shocked by the cowardice shown in the attacks on the Naga people in Dimapur
NISC wishes to express its profound sorrow. NISC shares its sympathy with the victims of the bomb blasts at Dimapur Railway Station and Hong Kong Market, with their families and with the Government of the People's Republic of Nagalim.

NISC is outraged that no one dares to claim responsibility for these horrendous and treacherous attacks. While some Naga organizations point fingers in a bid to gain some leverage for themselves, it is clear that no Naga has stooped so low as to murder innocent people. The Indian authorities know that Nagas fight for their right to self determination even though the same Indian authorities have done their best to divide and rule over them. The only previous incident was in 1995, a bomb attack in Nagaland. The Nagas were exonerated then. Many step forward and point accusing fingers now, however the real question is who gains an advantage out of this?

The pressure of other states on the peace talks is great. The Assam Rifles are known supporters of deviant organizations. In a bid to break through the cease fire and peace talks could it be the military itself that creates havoc in both states? On the other hand, the ULFA has the logistic capability to strike with bombs. Is the ULFA being used by those who fear the potential reunification of the Nagas?

These are only speculations, of course, just as the allegation put forward in the press by officials that Pakistan could be behind it.

What can be done other than condemning these inhumane acts?

NISC encourages every authority, every organization, each and everyone who can to come forward to provide information that will lead to the arrest of the culprits to do so immediately.

NISC calls on all ordinary people, officials, non-governmental and government organizations to raise the alarm and relentlessly pursue those who committed these vile acts.

NISC suggests strongly that the reward of one lakh rupees NSCN (I-M) announced for information leading to the arrest of these inhumane culprits be increased. NSCN (I-M) is the organization that represents the Naga peoples in the peace talks with the Government of India.

NISC calls on those who are capable of fathoming the motivation of those who committed these despicable acts come forward so the terrorists can be understood and tracked down.