Feb 15, 2011

Iraqi Turkmen: Parliament Discusses Adjustment of Vice-Presidents’ Law

President Talabani of Iraq says that the to be appointed 4th vice-president of Iraq should be a Turkmen.


Below is an article published by Aswat Al Iraq:

The Iraqi Parliament is scheduled to discuss the adjustment of the draft-law on the Vice-Presidents on Monday [14 February 2011], expected to elect a fourth Vice-President, proposed by President Jalal Talabani, who demanded to grant it to a representative of the Turkomen community, a National Coalition Legislature said. 

"Khudhier al-Khuza'e is the candidate of al-Dawaa Party - Iraq Organization, which is the right of his party, according to the so-called 'Points System,' so, this is the right of his party and of no other party," Ali al-Shilah told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

President Talabani, according to his office, had called on 7/2/2011 for the Parliament's adjustment of the Vice-Presidents, to become four instead of three, nominating a Turkoman personality to occupy the fourth post. 

"Things are going according to the wish of the President, to increase the number of Iraq's Vice-Presidents from three to four, provided that the 4th Vice-President becomes a Turkoman," Shilah said.

As regards to the candidates for the remaining cabinet posts, Shilah said that next week would witness the presentation of the candidates for the security cabinet posts, as well as the post of the Planning Minister. 

Noteworthy is that differences have taken place over the past few weeks about the candidates for the security cabinet posts, i.e the Interior, Defense and National Security ministers posts, with al-Iraqiya Coalition, demanding the Defense Minister's post and the National Coalition, demanding the Interior Minister's post, whilst each of the two coalitions rejecting the candidate of the other. 

The Parliament on 21/12/2010 had granted trust to the new cabinet, led by Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, comprising 42 ministries, among them 12 state ministries, whilst Maliki had kept the Ministries of Interior, Defense and National Security, under him temporarily on "acting" basis.