Feb 04, 2011

Somaliland: Its Democratic Path as a Model

Even if it has not received de-jure international recognition yet, Somaliland’s transition towards a democratic state based on dialogue, discussion and consensus could be an exportable model to facilitate Egyptian efforts to democratize their land.



Below is an article by American Chronicle

The de-facto state of Somaliland appears to be an inspiration for the peoples of Egypt in their attempt to forge a new democratic path. It is ironic that a nation, yet to receive de-jure international recognition, can inspire the peoples of nations such as Egypt and Tunisia to seek a democratic path, and the people of Southern Sudan to vote for a new nation.


Somaliland has been described as "Africa´s best kept secret". A democratic, progressive and moderate Muslim nation in the Horn of Africa. The kind of partner the international community badly needs in these turbulent times. It is a tribute to Somaliland´s success that the people of Egypt, Tunisia and Sudan Southern wish to follow a similar path.


It is ironic that one of Africa most populous and dynamic nation, and certainly the Arab League most powerful and influential nation, Egypt, is now embarking on a new chapter in its history, a transition to a democratic state. Somaliland would certainly be a model to follow.


The people of Somaliland have been through struggles that their brothers and sisters in Egypt, Tunisia and Southern Sudan currently face.


There is a long road ahead with many perils, as well as, many moments of hope and joy.


The key ingredient is a formula based on dialogue, discussion and consensus. Only the citizens of these nations, Egypt, Tunisia and Southern Sudan can determine their own future.


Somaliland presents a new paradigm in statehood for the region. A democratic, inclusive, and tolerant Muslim nation in a strategic part of the world.


The people of Somaliland support their brothers and sisters in Egypt, Tunisia, and Southern Sudan in their efforts to democratize their land, and rid themselves of corruption and dictatorship.