Feb 03, 2011

Nagalim: Integration of Naga Areas a “Birthright”

Naga NSCN-IM representatives emphasize that the Naga should continue to strive for an unified Nagalim homeland

Below is an article published by the Assam Tribune:

Ahead of the crucial talks set to resume in Delhi, the NSCN-IM has sounded that it will settle for nothing less than integration of all Naga areas. In his message on the occasion of the 32nd Raising Day of the NSCN/GPRN today [1 February 2011]  , its chairman Issac Chishi Swu stated that integration of all Naga areas is ‘our birthright’ and to fight for the integration of Nagalim at any cost is the duty of every Naga.

Questioning why the suffering Naga people continue to watch helplessly when ‘other people are attempting to disintegrate Nagalim into pieces’, he said, “There is no balcony in Nagalim from where we can watch the drama of life. We are all actors. Every Naga is expected to participate in our struggle for the integration of Nagalim”.

Swu’s call for integration also gains significance in the backdrop of the demand of the Eastern Nagas under the banner of ENPO for a separate State to be carved from four districts of Nagaland.

The NSCN-IM chairman, in his message, called upon all Nagas to be prepared for any eventuality.

On the ongoing dialogue with the Government of India, Swu said an honourable agreement is crucial in political negotiation and stated that any proposal which is acceptable to only one party is not a solution. “It should always be acceptable and honourable to both the parties. We are seriously seeking to arrive at an honourable political settlement,” he maintained.

He further stated his commitment to reconciliation among the Nagas. “For those who really love Nagalim, working for reconciliation is not an impossible task. If we are guided by the love for Nagalim, for Christ, we will certainly find a meeting point for reconciliation,” he said.