Jan 25, 2011

Burma: Thailand to Deport Rohingya Boat People


The Thai police have stated that 91 people belonging to one of the most persecuted minorities in the world will be deported to Burma despite the deprivation of rights that they face in their homeland.


Below is an article published by Voice of America:

Police in Thailand said Monday [24 January 2011] they will deport 91 Rohingya boat people who
landed on the country's southern coast while fleeing from Burma.

Authorities say the group was detained after coming to shore on Saturday [22 January 2011]
evening with engine problems as they tried to make their way to Malaysia.

The United Nations describes the Muslim, Bengali-speaking Rohingya of Burma as one of the
world's most persecuted minorities.

Mainly Buddhist Burma effectively denies citizenship and property rights to the Rohingya, leading
to their exploitation and prompting many to flee the country.

Human rights activists have in the past accused the Thai navy of towing Rohingya asylum-seekers
back to sea and setting them adrift.