Jan 24, 2011

Somaliland: Danish Money for Prisons

The penitentiary system in Somaliland is set for increased financial support as western countries recognise Hargeisa’s successful work at combating piracy in the Horn of Africa

Below is an article published by Somaliweyn:

Danish Foreign Minister Lene Espersen (K), together with Development Søren Pind (V) provide financial support to renovate a prison in Somaliland, where condemned Somali pirates can be put behind bars. The newspaper Berlingske Tidende [reports].

The joint decision is taken prior to an early publication of a UN report that will indicate the need for establishment of judicial and penitentiary sectors in Somalia as a key factor in preventing piracy. 

But as the Somalia and security policy as economic lies across as a civil war ravaged failed state, the UN report, pointing to the relatively stable Somaliland, as the first place where it is possible to implement the prison project. 

The two ministers will allocate 1.7 million dollars of the two ministries global framework to renovate an old jail to house convicted pirates.  Several states in the region, including Kenya, Seychelles, has agreed to receive and judge the captured pirates. 

Prison capacity in the two countries is limited, and Kenya has actually declined more captured pirates. Denmark grants already support for the part and leader of an international group advising the UN Secretary General on the law.

Note: This is a translation of an article originally published in Danish by DR Forside.