Jan 18, 2011

Balochistan: Latest Attacks Leave Three Activists Dead

The targeted killings of Baloch activists shows no signs of abating as security forces appear powerless to stop the violence.


Below is an article published by the Daily Times:


Bullet-riddled bodies of three political activists were found from Ormara, a coastal township and Khuzdar on Monday, January 17, 2011. They were identified as Naseer Kamalan, a seasoned poet and political activist, who was the local president of the Baloch National Movement (BMN), Pasni, Ahmed Dad, an activist of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Nisar Ahmed Mengal, the younger brother of late Rasool Bakhsh Mengal whose body was found hanging from a tree with ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ written on his body. According to the Balochistan Levies in Pasni, some passers-by spotted two bodies near the Makran Coastal Highway and informed the Levies personnel. The bodies were brought to the Rural Health Centre for medical examination. The family members of the deceased said that the killers also shaved Ahmed Dad’s beard, and dyed Naseer Kamalan’s beard black so that they could not be easily identified. Naseer Kamalan was kidnapped from Karwat area near Gwadar and Pasni on November 5 from a passenger van while Ahmed Dad was kidnapped on October 12, 2011 near the Zero Point in Uthal in Lasbela district from a Gwadar-Karachi bound passenger coach, family members told reporters. They accused the security agencies of killing them during illegal detention.